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Convert your PDF documents into DOC files and viceversa


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PDF Conversa lets you convert any document from PDF into DOC format.

Whether you want to adjust the layout structure of a text document or need to edit a PDF, PDF Conversa will be of great help, as it allows you to easily convert any file between these two formats. All you need to do is to choose which document you wish to convert, select the output folder, and press 'Convert' so that in a matter of seconds the process is finished and your files are ready to be used.

PDF Conversa guarantees no loss of quality during this conversion as a result of data compression, and also provides you with the tools needed to protect your PDF documents with a password, thus ensuring they can only be accessed by the people of your choosing.

Give PDF Conversa a try; a quick, straightforward, and powerful converter, which will far exceed your expectations.
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